The Handmaid’s Tale by Margaret Atwood

The Handmaid's TaleRating:

It’s been a few years since I read this so forgive me if I get something wrong. As a woman I found this terrifying because of the possibility that this could happen. I live in an all-female household in the UK, we’re independent, I could never see myself ever being able to rely on a man for everything I need. We’ve fought for the rights to work, spend our own money and enjoy the same freedoms as men.

Offred, stripped of her husband who may have been murdered and separated from her daughter, watching her being raised by strangers was horrible. When she is forced to have sex with the Commander I wondered why she had to, couldn’t they do the turkey baster thing instead? Or was this just another way to degrade women and for the men to get their jollies – even if the wives had to be present? If they got pregnant, having your baby taken away from you is even more dehumanising. To be treated as an object and one that is not particularly valued is awful.

But then even the men were emasculated, like Nick, he had very little power and if you stepped out of line your head would end up on a pike on the fences. The Commander himself was a coward, despite his greater freedom he didn’t seem to like how things were and taking her out to that secret club was for his benefit not hers – he wanted to alleviate his guilt by trying to keep this handmaid from suicide. His wife didn’t approve either, who wants to watch their husband have sex with another woman and have their reproductive rights taken away from them? Though I know fertility problems amongst the people were one of the main issues here.

I think in a post-9/11 world this book is even more terrifying. There seem to be many more extremists (religious and otherwise), gender inequalities in other cultures have been highlighted as have corrupt governments and dictators who run societies where violence and persecution are apart of everyday life. So if this sort of society exists elsewhere, it could happen here too.

When I read this as a teenager this book did more to scare me than any blood and guts horror book ever could. An incredibly disturbing and shocking read.

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