The Lightning Thief (Percy Jackson #1) by Rick Riordan

The Lightning Thief (Percy Jackson and the Olympians, #1)Rating:

I think I made a small mistake when I chose this to read. It was a little too young for me but I was impressed with the use of Greek mythology and the way we weren’t told right away what each creature was. This lead me to guess and when I got it right it fed my ego, and when I had no idea I wanted to reach for a mythology book to look-up the specific myth to see how closely the book followed the actual story.

This and the humour kept me hooked though I admit my attention sometimes waned in the second half. There were times when Percy was having a slooow moment when I just wanted to yell at him to make that mental leap faster, or the eye-rolling in reaction to a cliché. Obviously these problems may have been down to me forgetting that Percy is only twelve and perhaps that may have been part of why I couldn’t see him as a “hero”. I had trouble picturing him fighting, the battles were fast and I never felt like he was in much danger. He always escaped usually without being injured, not even so much as a scratch and if he does get injured his wound is healed almost instantly.

The gods, though they were described as powerful, radiating deadly auras I didn’t feel Percy’s fear. I also didn’t think Percy’s reaction to his mother’s death was all that realistic. If it had been my mother I would have been an incoherent mess for days, Percy bounced back yet he supposedly adored his mother, this didn’t ring true for me even with his denial I couldn’t accept his reaction as normal behaviour.

I loved the application of Greek mythology and the inventiveness of certain scenes. I must say, I expected the entrance to the underworld to be in Las Vegas rather than Los Angeles, after all Vegas is supposed to be sin city. If I had read this at ten I would have loved it but having read stories that follow a similar (and rather tired) formula I can only give this 3 stars.

An afterthought: I bet this made a great movie, it’s very visual.

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