Review: It’s a Book by Lane Smith

It's a Book

The ultimate battle between entertainment devices: old versus new, low-tech versus high tech; pitching friends – a donkey and a monkey – against each other.

Cue “Eye of the Tiger”. *bobs head back and forth*

These days we’re more likely to pick up a shiny and versatile iPad before we’d even look at the one-trick pony of a book, dismissing their simplicity by thinking it’s synonymous with boring. Far from it! The simple things in life can be the most enjoyable.

I can imagine children having this exact conversation either among themselves or with an adult. It’s a cute way to introduce children to the now old fashioned notion of holding and reading a physical book.

As soon as I was done fawning over this I passed it on to my sick mother who’s been miserable of late and it produced a fit of laughter – a surprisingly happy sound I’ve been missing of late.

Beautifully illustrated with such an adorable and timely little story to perk up anyone’s day, It’s a Book… so awesome it should be on every child’s bibliophile’s bookshelf.

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