Review: The Choice (The Returned, #0.7) by Jason Mott

The Choice (The Returned, #0.7)Rating:

A great idea poorly executed.

On paper, the effect of this Returnee’s reappearance had the potential to be heart-wrenching as a 37-year-old man attempts to solve a life-changing dilemma: to continue with his present life with a wife and child, or leave them for his 17-year-old first love who disappeared, and was presumed dead, 20 years ago.

I really wanted to like it but the writing is rushed and choppy.


The inclusion of his wife’s affair was incongruous, over the top and seemed like it was added at the last minute to lessen any guilt Peter might feel if he decided to leave Samantha for Tracy.


The Choice ended logically, the way I thought it would, albeit in a rough and rushed manner. However, unlike in the other prequels, we experience nothing from the Returnee’s perspective except the effect she has on her mother via her anxious phone calls to Peter.

From the quality of writing in The Sparrow, I know Jason Mott can do better. I just hope The Returned embodies the skill I know he possesses.

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