About Me: Introductions

Where are my manners? How rude I’ve been, I haven’t even introduced myself!

The rules of etiquette must be satisfied.

So let’s see…

My name is Amy and I’m a 27-year-old mixed-race Brit. Barbados, England, Scotland and Ireland are the countries from which my family hale, although I also have ties to other exotic countries.

I’ve lived in both the north and south of England – in cities, towns and villages, and I can attest to the existence of the north-south divide. Some stereotypes are true: I love the friendly people of the north and their sometimes odd endearments (“You all right, duck?”).

Interesting trivia:

  • I have two uncles named “Stephen”. They are half-brothers.
  • My half-sister, also mixed race, found me on a genealogy website 7 years ago. (As you can tell, the men in my family can’t keep it in their pants. Divorce is the common solution.)
  • My relatives are so disfunctional that people have asked me to write a book about my life. Apparently it’s like a soap opera. Life is never boring. One day I may write it just to shut people up. I could hand it to strangers to pre-empt the inevitable, “Why are you so weird?”

Jobs I’ve worked have included:

  • selling see-through bras and lacy knickers to little old ladies and clueless men in Marks & Spencer.
  • sniffing selling books in Waterstones, and boy do I have stories to tell.
  • dallying in financial planning & analysis and project accounting departments only to realise I find maths boring but I love snooping; finding out how much people earn and what they believe they can recoup in expenses – you’d be surprised.
  • being an astounding administrator and a sexy secretary to rough, tough engineers, and a tiny regional lifestyle magazine.

But right now I’m caring and advocating for a sick relative who’s having difficulty navigating the bureaucracy of the behemouth that is the NHS, the world’s 5th largest employer.

Topics I’m passionate about:

  • Mental health
  • Physical health
  • Migraines
  • Ethnic diversity / racism
  • Gender equality

I’m not entirely new to blogging. Unfortunately only a few weeks after I became Steph’s co-blogger in May 2011, I became very ill and had to undergo 5 months of tests to ensure I wasn’t dying (my diagnosis was chronic migraine and insomnia, if you’re wondering), while Steph also started a degree, so we both had little time to devote to it and eventually we both stopped posting, though it has amassed almost 30,000 views.

I hope to do better this time around.


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