Coming Soon: Reviews

Soon I will start transferring my book reviews from Goodreads, and leaving a link to this WordPress blog in my review spaces, because here I’m not limited as to what I can write. I can comment on author behaviour and I can be as off-topic as I like!

If I have time, I’ll also clean up my reviews on BookLikes, though I’ve had real difficulty with the way they use HTML as it’s not the same as WordPress or Goodreads. So in the end I may give up and post a link to here as well. I’m sorry. I never wanted to be that person, pimping my blog to gain traffic and annoying people who just want to find helpful reviews, dammit. But it must be done. This blog gives me as much control as I can afford to attain online.

Here, reviews will be historically dated and posted on whatever day I finished reading them, according to GR. I’m not sure what I’ll do with those without read dates, but I am going to attempt to add some sort of review to every book I’ve read even if it means re-reading them.

And I’ve read all sorts. Children’s books, young adult, sci-fi and fantasy, crime, biographies, science, history, erotica, etc. I go wherever my interests take me. Experimentation has created some weird and wonderful outcomes.

I hope you enjoy the ride.

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