Review: The Official DSA Theory Test for Car Drivers

The Official DSA Theory Test for Car DriversRating:

I passed my theory test on November 14th 2013! And that was after only 8 hours of sleep in 48 hours, and the day before I was sitting in a hospital room waiting for my mother to come out of high risk hip replacement surgery. I was so pleased she pulled through okay that I didn’t care if I passed or not. But when I saw I did, I had to turn the letter over in my hand to check my name, and not someone else’s, was on it!

Honestly, I didn’t use this book that much. Answering the questions and watching the Hazard Perception clips on Theory Test Pro for 3 weeks trained me up to pass. All the questions you get wrong get funneled into the next practice test you take so that you eventually learn from your mistakes. I’d advise anyone learning to drive in the UK to use this website to study for their theory test.

If, however, you’re without a reliable internet connection then this book is the next best thing, although it will only suffice for the multiple choice portion of the test as there’s no substitute for the Hazard Perception part where you click the mouse when you see a hazard in the short video clips to test your response times.

I’d also recommend The Official DSA Guide to Driving: The Essential Skills which I’m reading right now for my intensive driving lessons starting tomorrow and ending with my practical test on Friday, so if I’m not around for the next week you’ll know why.

I’ve yet to tackle The Official Highway Code and Know Your Traffic Signs but I’ll expect they’ll be useful at some point.

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