Goodreads Finally Returns Deleted Reviews to Owners

Pig flyingThe unlikely has happened.

I posted this on BookLikes @ 22:31 (GMT) [screenshot]:

BREAKING NEWS: Goodreads Returns Deleted Reviews to Their Owners, But is This True?

Staff member Emily has said they’ve sent all deleted reviews to their owners today by email. [screenshot]

Is this true? Anyone received them?

I’ll believe it when I see it, I thought. But Archer has received his, which includes an apology for wrongly deleting a review that actually was within their guidelines. [screenshot of email]

Katiebabs‘s reads [screenshot]:

Hi Katie,

We are following up with you to return the reviews that were removed from your account. We apologize for the delay on this and for not providing you with your data when it was originally removed from the site. The reviews are attached to this message for your personal records. Please note that our exports do not include comments.

As part of this process, we took another look at these reviews. Your reviews for A Soldier’s Valentine, A Valentine to Remember, Heist, The Casino Caper, Amazingly Broken, Finding Cassilia, Rock Her, Cherry Popper, Stolen, and One For Sorrow, Two For Joy should not have been deleted, as they do meet our review guidelines. You are welcome to repost these reviews on Goodreads. However, please do not repost the others, as they violate our review guidelines. We sincerely apologize for mistakenly deleting these reviews and for any confusion that this might have caused.

Several of your other reviews were removed because most of the review was in the comments space and the information there was against our review guidelines. When we evaluate reviews, we do take into consideration whether reviewers are using the comments as part of the review.

Best regards,
The Goodreads Team

And Linda has apparently received hers [screenshot]:

I just received mine.

I’d say thanks, but I wouldn’t mean it.

I should also add, for the benefit of those who may be reading this, that the email accompanying my returned review also contained an apology — if you wanna call it that — for the removal of three shelves from my GR collection, including the infamous “Hormel.”

For those who don’t recall, “Hormel” was removed because the contents of that shelf were determined to be in violation of TOS.

Per the email, I am now welcome to go back to using “Hormel” as a shelf name, since it doesn’t violate TOS.

If I had gifs for facepalm, headdesk, and brainsplodes, they’d go right here.

All of them partially apologize for the 3-month delay and deleting a shelf or content that didn’t contravene their new no-notice policies, but deleting the comments underneath a review because they broke review guidelines is just bullshit. How is that against the rules? At least it wasn’t prior to September’s announcement.

They’re still deleting reviews [screenshot], perhaps not as readily as they were before, so it’s questionable how much of the original poorly handled and mismanaged policy change is being enacted right now.

All I can say is, what a clusterfuck. This is too little, too bloody late for those who’ve already deleted their accounts and the rest of us who’re disillusioned and unhappy with the status quo.


3 thoughts on “Goodreads Finally Returns Deleted Reviews to Owners

  1. Let us not forget in mine they actually apologised for deleting a review that did not breach their TOS…

    I swear they couldn’t prganise a pissup in a friggin brewery


    1. I’ve updated my post to reflect that.

      And as always GR’s timing is suspect. Right before Christmas when people are too busy to really pay attention.


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