Leafmarks Tour & Tutorial

Unsure of how to use Leafmarks? This might help.

Sign up

When you first sign up or sign in, this is what you’ll see:

Landing page once signed in

If you are or were a Goodreads member then you can take your exported .csv file from Goodreads and upload it via the large orange-y brown button in the middle.

This could take anything from minutes to hours depending on the number of book records you’re uploading, the number of people on the site at that time and how many other imports are also in progress.

If you have any issue with uploading, use the Contact Us page at the bottom of the site.

Checking site notifications

Two symbols: left is site notifications, right is editing profile, importing books and logging outSite notifications are represented by an icon in the top right corner usually with a number next to it, the one on the left, similar to Goodreads. The direct link is here: https://www.leafmarks.com/lm/#/notifications

Clicking on the symbol on the right will give you the option to edit your profile, import books or to logout.

Finding a book

On pretty much every page at the top in the right corner is a search bar that says “Search for a book”. Type in the title or ISBN and hit Enter. The database isn’t huge so far as it mostly contains only the most popular books and the ones us members have uploaded in our .csv files.

If you can’t find it in the database and you know it’s on your shelves then go to “My Books” at the top of the page and your shelves will be on the right side.

Leafmark thisWhen you find the book, click on it to go to the book page. After adding it to your shelves using the “leafmark this” button (no Ugly Green Button here) or if it’s already on them, at the top right of the second box down called “My Review”, there are two symbols and the one on the right is “Edit”. Once you hit that you fill in all the fields as you would on Goodreads and “Submit”.

My Books

My Books page
(Click to enlarge)

If you are or were a Goodreads member, this is self-explanatory. Bookshelves are listed on the right instead of the left, and the fields in the table read from left to right: Title, Author, Average Rating, My Rating, Shelves, Date Read, and See Review.

Only the Author field is not sortable.

My Profile

My Profile page
(Click to enlarge)

Very similar to Goodreads except that you can add a general status update from the top right box underneath “Search for a book”.

The top box contains the date joined and profile information entered by the user, and on the left is the profile image underneath which is the top list positions.

The second box showcases my favourite books, the third my bookshelves and the fourth my activity updates.

On the right are the books on my currently reading shelf, and below that is a list of my friends with the number of people following me at the very bottom.


5 tabs below the main header

You can “unfriend” your friends from the list in the first tab and either “accept” or “deny” friend requests from “pending requests” which moves them to the “Friends” tab and when you click on that person’s name now, under their profile picture it should say you are friends in grey writing which replaces the green friend/follow buttons.

Adding friends

“Find Friends” where you enter the username or email address of the friend you want to add and then hit Enter.

Click on their name (OR if you see a link of a friend’s profile posted somewhere, click on it) and below their profile image will be a two buttons to either send a friend request or follow them.

The home page when signed in also shows you the “News Feed” with all of your friends’ activity.

Community –> Rankings

Here are the top lists, in tab order.

Best Reviewers – users with the most books on their shelves
Best Reviewers

Most Popular Reviewers – users with the most “likes” for their reviews listed
Most Popular Reviewers

Most Followed – users with the most followers
Most Followed

Most Books Read – users with the most books rated and reviewed
Most Books Read

And there you have it, a short tour of Leafmarks.

Questions, requests for more detail and suggestions for things to add to this post are very welcome.

I hope this helps any who have or are thinking about signing up, but please remember this site is only 3 weeks old and wasn’t meant for general release to the public so early. Please patient and understand that it needs a little time to become stable and feature rich.


*Cross-posted on BookLikes


10 thoughts on “Leafmarks Tour & Tutorial

  1. I signed up but then I remembered you need a laptop (I haven’t got one. I use a tablet) to import csv file for books and I haven’t finished adding books individualy to booklikes (been there 3 months) to do it all again on leafmarks. It’s a shame as I like the look of LM. With saying all that I bet I’ll end up doing it anyway. I suppose I’ll finish by next summer lol.


    1. You shouldn’t need a computer to do this, or do it on booklikes for that matter. Just follow the instructions on gr for export, find where the file that was exported is on your tablet (usually the “download” folder unless you directed it elsewhere), open Leafmarks in your tablet browser and hit Import Books and tell it where the upload file is you just exported to your tablet, I think there is a “choose file” button thingy, and hit upload. Voila. You have to be connected to WiFi to do this of course.

      I did this on an Android phone, so unless you have the cheapest tablet made in the world you should be able to do this. Remember you never have to open the file in MS-Excel on your tablet/computer, in fact it’s better if you don’t. It even worked on my crappy Kindle Fire.


    2. Ok thanks. I use iPad. On LM or BL on the import book choose file it shows my photos. Choose existing photos or take new photo.


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