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GrAmazon’s Disastrous Data Import + Foreign Languages = Clusterf*ck

Sarah, GR’s data “Import Master” *snort*, has stated the following:

And, to give some context to what’s going on here:

Over the coming year we’re hoping to expand Goodreads into other countries and make it more accessible to users that speak languages other than English. While we have a large and incredible army of librarians, that army won’t necessarily scale to meet the needs of users all over the world as we begin to fully expand our library to encompass book editions for more and more countries.

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Worst Books of 2013

Warm Bodies by Isaac Marion


“I can’t believe it”

Final Boarding (Turbulence, #8)
by Jordan Castillo Price



One and Only: The Freedom of Having an Only Child, and the Joy of Being One
by Lauren Sandler



Best Books of 2013: Non-Fiction

9 of my favourite non-fiction reads of 2013.

Confessions of a GP by Benjamin Daniels

Everything you could want to know about being a GP in the NHS. I read this to understand things from the other side. As patients, we don’t know anything about what goes on behind the scenes and what’s expected of doctors other than to assess the problem, prescribe any treatment or refer you on to a specialist. Much, much more is involved and I appreciated Daniels’s candid confessions. Some are highly embarrassing and hilariously funny, and others are genuine mistakes from which he learned.

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Best Books of 2013: Fiction

Here are my 10 favourite fiction books I read in 2013 covering contemporary young adult, paranormal romance, dystopia, and urban fantasy.


It’s a Book by Lane Smith


A wry exchange between an IT-savvy donkey, a book-loving ape and a mouse forms this playful and lighthearted examination of print as a medium in the digital age. With a subversive and signature Lane Smith twist, this satisfying, perfectly executed picture book has something to say about the importance of reading to children and adults alike.

Why? It’s gorgeous, timely, and heartwarming.


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