Postgraduate Degree in Self-Publishing Now Available in UK

University of Central Lancashire

The University of Central Lancashire is now offering the world’s first masters degree in self-publishing because it’s ‘a highly successful and respected business model for both new and established authors.’

In an interview with the Guardian, course leader Debbie Williams said:

The idea of launching a self-publishing MA was sparked by demand, she said, and would-be students are already applying. The course will consist of a mix of lectures, seminars and workshops, featuring expert industry speakers, with modules to include production, marketing and the creation of ebooks. It is not a creative writing course, Williams stressed, although the university will help “with structural editing”.

Exorbitant university tuition fees will surely put off the majority of would-be self-published authors, and the likelihood of becoming a bestselling author will be small, therefore any prospective student wishing to sign up will have to seriously consider how they’ll pay for their course – whether upfront or later via a loan.

I assume the course itself would be teaching the common sense steps in the publishing process easily found given a few hours of research time using Google, so it strikes me as a waste of £5,000 (or £525 per module).

Between the lack of impartial major national or international organisations for self-published authors and the fast-growing popularity of this sub-section of the publishing industry, there’s an opening in the market to support those wishing to join the community. Relevant and up-to-date information from a reliable source is needed in the fast-changing market, but not at this exploitative price.


3 thoughts on “Postgraduate Degree in Self-Publishing Now Available in UK

  1. Interesting. It would be great if part of the curriculum was to teach them not to spam and how to connect in an effective way.


    1. If I was the course leader, that would be the covered (at least partially) in the first class. Perhaps the marketing portion will address this issue.


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