Cloned & Curious by Kimbra Clausen

Cloned and Curious

“You want to film me fucking myself.”

Man is lured into participating in a super-secret medical trial. Man is unknowingly cloned, pumped with viagra and anti-anxiety drugs to lower inhibitions, then locked in a room with his clone. What happens next? Bow-chica-wow-wow.

Narcissus, from Greek mythology, ‘saw his reflection and fell in love with it, not realizing it was merely an image.’

Narcissus painting

So, is this a form of extreme narcissism? An odd kind of masturbation?

This was no different than getting horny watching gay porn; it was an appreciation for the male form. In this case, mine. And what’s wrong with a little bit of self-appreciation?

Nothing. Usually.

…who hadn’t fantasized about having sex with themselves?

Er, me. Hadn’t even crossed my mind. But then, I’m not male.

Flashes of teenaged me straining in autofellatio -inspired yoga, desperately trying to suck my own cock ran through my head.

As far as I know, it isn’t possible for women to achieve the same.

“…wouldn’t it be more exciting to do something totally unique and impossible without science? For anyone not a twin,” he hastily added with no hint of shame.

Is twincest common? Apart from male-female twincest depicted by George R.R. Martin in his A Song of Ice and Fire series and a male-female (who were unknowingly born male-male) in the “Identity” episode of Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (based on the true story of David Reimer), I’ve not encountered many examples.

Cersei & Jaime Lannister, Game of Thrones

Although, I do remember watching one of those weird sex documentaries that featured a pair of female twins that performed live sex shows. And in effort to find them, my Google search brought up this interesting and sort-of relevant Slate article The Sex Lives of Conjoined Twins, and their agony aunt page entitled Brotherly Love.

The clone itself, is not born but made, fully formed from SmartLiquid and is an exact physical and mental, self-aware duplicate including all past memories up to the point of cloning. And are recycled when no longer needed.

“The clones are able to be repurposed, regenerated, and reconfigured for future use . Your model, so to speak, lasts as long as you are here and then as soon as we’re done going over your study they are stripped and reset to default, only to eventually be improved and changed into someone else later.”

While not made from flesh and blood, the clones appear to be somehow psychologically or computer-programmed:

“So you’re made for sex. Are you permanently hard all the time?” “By default, yes. I can control my erection though to be soft if you wanted.”

For some reason, I had the image of android Data and Lieutenant Natasha Yar from the “The Naked Now” episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation. She asks if he’s “fully functional”, he is, and he adds “I am programmed in multiple techniques. A broad variety of pleasuring.”

“Inside of me is a guideline of sexual instructions that is guaranteed to make my partner orgasm, often several times in a single session. I match my training with your profile and adjust accordingly. Every session is a learning experience.” “What about you? Can you get off?” “Of course. I’m just like you, only I can keep on going and going and going with no worry of a refractory period . Anything you tell me to do I do it. If you want cum I can have it for you on command. If you want me to blow you, I’m your man. Anything. You. Want.”

On the possible future of human cloning:

“We’re approaching the day when sex-clones become a real thing. That’s not saying they aren’t feasible today, but with enough time they will be advanced and cheap enough for everyone in the developed world with a desire to fuck a vat-grown-human to have the capability to do so and enjoy it. You can consider this market research.”

Cloud Atlas worker clones

Creating self-aware human clones with training or programming for the exclusive purpose of becoming sex workers is firmly in the realm of fantasy. Anything or anyone that is self-aware and is selfishly used, and possibly abused, as slaves, will have within them the ability to revolt and start an emancipation revolution, just as clone Somni-451 attempted to do Cloud Atlas.

Somni-451 about to be executed

Overall, the concept here is immensely fascinating. I expected a not-so-well-written, mildly titillating erotica, and while there were a few punctuation errors and word omissions, this didn’t impact on my enjoyment of the premise nor the amusing writing style. Honestly, the sex is the least captivating aspect of this sci-fi short.

I’ll leave you with a giggle-worthy quote:

Too much porn had skewed my judging of how big cocks were supposed to be. Sucking on this thing would be like taking a thick popsicle down your throat. It was daunting. I suddenly felt a strong sense of compassion and understanding for the women I had been with.

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