Maxim MAGAZINES in the Goodreads BOOK Database

(Click image to see page)

And magazines aren’t the only non-book items that are being imported from Amazon databases.

There are some other non-book items being imported periodically as well (calendars, cards, etc) – we’re working on filtering those out and will do a cleanup once we have a better filtering system in place. – Sarah, Goodreads staff member (screenshot)

On the plus side, I’ll have fewer words to read to complete my reading challenge this year. Haha!


6 thoughts on “Maxim MAGAZINES in the Goodreads BOOK Database

  1. This is precious. Nobody foresees the ramifications of this type of overlay. I’m sure Amazon spent about 15 minutes worrying about the unintended consequences of importing the Amazon db on top of the gr database. Real people spent literally millions of hours to create the gr database and you have a robot merge a catalog with it?


    1. Yep, it seems someone at GR clicked the ‘upload’ button without thinking of the possible ramifications or the effect it would have on those who’d donated and invested so much of their free time curating the data. It boggles the mind at how disrespectful and slapdash this approach is. Ones and zeros are not better than human beings when it comes to a system as complex as this, and having them override human input is just wrong.


    1. I know, right? Why couldn’t they filter out the non-book items, like on the Amazon sites (so the info is obviously there), before uploading?

      I can’t believe they’re not moving faster to clean up the database in the wake of this disaster, as it’s such a vital element of the site. You’re right, they really don’t care.


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