Bibliophilia: The Library Jigsaw Timesuck

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I bought the Ravensburger: The Ludicrous Library (500 Pieces) Jigsaw Puzzle [ UK | US ] as a gift for someone else who didn’t like it. Instead of returning it, I did it myself.

Well over a decade has gone by since I’ve attempted a jigsaw puzzle. I consider them to be aimed at the young and the old and no one inbetween. Yes, those inbetween don’t do them because THEY STEAL TIME.

Three days I took, at various times of the day, to complete the puzzle. It was far more complex and challenging than I assumed with so many details you don’t notice until the pieces are sitting right in front of you. I couldn’t walk past the table without trying piece it together. Hours went by and I didn’t notice.

Ravensburger The Ludicrous Library jigsaw

I’m so glad I didn’t buy the Ravensburger: The Bizarre Bookshop (1000 Pieces) Jigsaw Puzzle [ UK | US ].

Ravensburger The Bizarre Bookshop


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