Waiting… Waiting… Scalpel, FAIL!

brains fail during examSeven days. Two hospitals. 200+ miles. 11+ hours of waiting. One surgery. One exam. And one migraine.

Day 1: Mother is having minor surgery at Hospital #1 which is 20 miles away. She is second on the morning list. We’re up at 05:30 to drink last water and there for 07:30. Six hours later, we’re still waiting and Mum tries to grab her clothes to get changed and go home. At 7 hours she finally goes in and an hour later she’s in recovery. Still bleary-eyed, she repeatedly checks underneath her gown when the surgery was to her face… We get home for 19:00. Mum is so loopy, tired and unsteady on her feet from anaesthesia that she almost accidentally kills herself when she mistakes her morphine for something else. Only the noise of the child-proof cap alerted me and I rushed to stop her from consuming a fatal dose. Close one.

Day 2: Mother is having post-surgery treatment at Hospital #2 which is 40 miles away. We’re early and have to wait 90 minutes. Treatment takes 20 minutes and then we’re homeward bound.

Day 3: It’s Saturday. We sleep in. It’s midday. Suspicious red rash around wound. Call Hospital #1 because they’re nearer than #2. We journey back there and wait 2 hours to see Mum’s surgeon. Sick of waiting, we tell the nurse we’re leaving and she grabs the doctor who gives us antibiotics and orders a blood test. We’re home for 18:30.

Day 4: Migraine. Dark bedroom is only left for the kitchen, bathroom, and quick checks on mother’s wound.

Day 5: Driving lesson before test tomorrow. It’s been 4 months since last lesson and test. I regain confidence in my ability.

Day 6: Driving before test keeps me calm. See that I have another female examiner. Damn. She makes nasty remarks about instructor’s car to his face. Says she doesn’t bite. Bit of a liar, this one. Concentrating on staying calm means I forget how to drive. Examiner takes me to a weird trick u-bend junction that no matter what I do, I will get serious and/or minor faults. I get both. I have failed. Instructor consoles me. Tells me I am good driver (when not being examined). Asks if I’d prefer a male examiner. YES! We both thought the two female examiners I’ve had were bitchy. Both made unnecessary rude remarks. Feel like a bad feminist. Perhaps they hate their jobs.

Day 7: Period has been umming and ahhing about whether to start since Sunday. It is finally here. Am exhausted. And hungry. I want a dog to cuddle. Settle for watching puppies on YouTube. Dreading the journey back to Hospital #1 tomorrow for removal of stitches. Mother threatens to not leave the house. Reads Michele Hanson’s Living With Mother for reassurance that there are daughters with more stubborn mothers than mine. Realise it’s Mother’s Day (UK) on Sunday. Must come up with a way to show how grateful I am to have a stubborn mother. A stubborn one is better than none at all. Am still brainstorming.


6 thoughts on “Waiting… Waiting… Scalpel, FAIL!

  1. Hope things are getting better for you. Migraine gone at least? And good luck on your next driving test. Remember third times the charm.


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