Devolution Referendum Fatigue

Scottish flagScotland’s referendum on whether to break up with the UK is a farcical mess. And I’m tired of it. Both the YES and NO campaigners are bickering like petty toddlers. Lobbing overly simplistic and logically flawed arguments and ad hominem attacks at one another is no way to inform and educate the population on how to vote in 5 months. Doing stupid shit like claiming £3,000 on expenses to promote Scottish independence in Chicago doesn’t help either.

England and Scotland have been going steady for 400 years now and our affairs are so entangled it will take decades and most likely billions of pounds to divorce. I’d wager dismantling the United States would be far easier as they appear to be independently governed, their tax and legal policies varying state to state. Even the much loved concept of the UK leaving the European Union would be less demanding.

Such a complex and Herculean task should be carefully considered before any decision or action is taken. Scotland First Mininster Alex Salmond’s White Paper is an absurd embarrassment. He presumes to keep the British Pound, immediately join the EU on independence, take 100% of the North Sea oil reserves so he can lower taxes and the pension age, and leave Scot-free (couldn’t resist) with none of the national debt.

Ba-ha-ha-ha! Wish fulfillment fantasy fiction. Firstly, he doesn’t get to pick and choose what assets or the percentage of those assets he gets to keep, nor can he dictate the terms of the divorce. Our oil reserves are dwindling and are expected to last no more than 40 years – what happens to Scotland’s fiscal future after that? Without that income, obscenely high taxes are a foregone conclusion. And, many firms have threatened to move or are moving their headquarters and possibly their entire operations south of the border if independence were to go ahead, rather than risk Scotland’s shaky economic prospects.

Some say that the amount of tax money spent on Scottish residents far exceeds the amount they generate, spending far more on education (no Scot pays tuition fees) and health though life expectancy is shorter. It’s said that England (London in particular) subsidizes Scotland. If true, even if Scotland gets the oil, they may not be fiscally viable to survive as an independent nation.

David Cameron and co. just love to spitefully throw that in Salmond’s face. I mean, the man is an idiot, granted, but don’t make yourself look as childish as he is. Have some self-respect and treat others the way you want to be treated. Stop shouting at each other and actually debate the issues in a reasonable manner befitting a human being, and remember that at some point, you’ll have to sit in the same room again, whether to negotiate the split or discuss a united future.


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