“I’m melting!”

Despite the weariness that came with hayfever, I used to love summer. I revelled in the heat, and come autumn I’d grieve its loss until the next year. Since I was diagnosed with chronic migraine and insomnia I’ve hated the heat. My body just can’t cope with it anymore. Especially in extremely humid conditions – as it is right now – making temperatures feel hotter than they really are.

I woke up the other morning with one of those blue icebox things – that you use for picnics – sliding off my back fully melted and my thin nightshirt completely dry. As the proverb goes, necessity is the mother of invention. I’m also suffering with breakthrough migraines despite my normally successful preventative medications.

Reducing my activity for all but the coolest hours was my only option. Housework has piled up. Of course, it has. Where are Despicable Me’s minions when you need them?

At least my electronics seem to be faring better. Last year’s technological heatwave genocide was expensive.

Living in the UK means homes are built to withstand the cold, not to keep us cool. Indoor temperatures are always warmer. 28°C / 82°F is my average daytime indoor temp, yet outdoors it’s more like 25°C / 77°C. Nighttime is little better at 26°C /79°F and 20°C / 68°F, respectively. Windows are eternally open and fans are set to high. Summers in southern England (where I live) are apparently getting hotter. Perhaps it’s time to invest in air conditioning. Or to move back up north.

I have enjoyed the nocturnal thunderstorms though. Even at 2am. I stayed up and watched the light show one night and it was beautiful. It lit up the whole sky. It did catch me off guard once. I almost shit myself at an unexpected silence splitting roar of thunder.

Spring is now my favourite season. Warm enough to go without a jacket, but cool enough that you don’t sweat while sitting still.

3 thoughts on ““I’m melting!”

  1. I hate summer. I loathe it with every part of my being. The temps here get up to 38 C (right now, we’re 39 C and the moment). I feel for you. I hate it. With every part of me.


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