Are we reviewing too much of life?

We review books. We review movies. We review hotels, restaurants, cars, furniture, clothes, even that can opener you bought just so you could feed the cat. Then there’s plumbers, mechanics and other service providers.

Everything we hand over money for in an official transaction is reviewed.

If we’re not reviewing then we’re reading reviews to decide which dishwasher to buy, which tutor to hire or which translation to read.

This is all time consuming. If there wasn’t so much choice it’d be easier to make a decision. But is it really worth the effort? Time is precious, should we be perhaps concentrating less on consumerism, the befores and afters of our purchases, and more on actually living life rather than constantly rating and reviewing it?

She says, as she peruses the many, many conflicting reviews of all-in-one printers with frustration.


3 thoughts on “Are we reviewing too much of life?

  1. Sometimes, I feel that way about reviewing books. I sigh and look at what I just read and think “Now I have to discuss it”.


    1. It’s a pain in the butt sometimes. I have so many reviews to write and I’m trying to catch up today but all I can think is, “You could be using this time to read another book instead of writing about them.”



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