Smart bookmark lets authors tweet at readers who have neglected their novel

Brazilian Penguin-Companhia’s Tweet for a Read campaign takes authors harassing readers to a new level. They’re offering a smart bookmark to readers that senses how long it was since you last picked up the book you’re reading and lets the author know so they can tweet you to pick it back up.

Who wants a guilt trip for not finishing a book within a week?

This basically encourages bad behaviour from authors.

My psychic powers tell me this will not be the new must-have gadget for bookworms.

via Springwise


5 thoughts on “Smart bookmark lets authors tweet at readers who have neglected their novel

  1. Do they only get 140 characters to complain at us about DNF’ing their book, or are they going to be able to use a tweetlonger platform to accomplish a full and complete diatribe? Also, is there a function for dead authors to tweet from the grave?


    1. I would hope it’s just 140 characters and that it’s automated with a set message.

      Tweeting from the grave would be a neat trick. Friedrich Nietzsche is used in one of the examples in the first image, which says: ‘God is dead. Do not let my work also die without reading.’


  2. The folks at springwise didn’t explain it well enough, but I read about it elsewhere. They are not doing anything with/to the authors per se; what the bookmark does is send a tweet, reminding you to pick up the book, written in the same style as the author’s — see also the Nietzche example. I don’t know why the springwise article says “sent from the author’s account”, as I really doubt the folks behind this are going to have access to all authors’ accounts (especially such a one as Saramago’s).


    1. I thought the authors would be signing up to it and authorising the tweets from their accounts. Does that mean the publisher is going to have to make hundreds of new Twitter accounts?

      This is confusing.


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