Goodreads Deletes Power Users, Leafmarks Benefits

I’m coming late to this party and I’m shocked I hadn’t seen anything about this anywhere, not even in in the Goodreads Feedback group, until now, in GR status updates. [1][2][3][4]

Two power users, JennyJen (Twitter, Booklikes) and Marco Manganiello (Facebook), who had hundreds of followers and reviews, initially had their reviews deleted based on the images in their reviews, which were flagged by other users for supposedly contravening GR’s arbitrary policy against nudity and anything remotely risqué or controversial, like semi-naked men kissing. The horror! The horror!

This is where it gets a little fuzzy. It appears Goodreads swung the ban hammer and deleted their accounts for multiple violations. Concern trolling, pearl-clutching conservatives going on flagging campaigns to rid the internetz of so-called filth and GR staff’s overly cautious deleting need to stop.

JennyJen was one of the 21 Goodreads users affected in September 2013 by the unpublicized out-of-the-blue review policy change that began by deleting reviews without notice or forewarning for criticising the authors of the books they were reviewing. She had 78 reviews deleted.

Image credit: Marte

In response, Marco joined Leafmarks yesterday and already has 68 friends at the time of posting. JennyJen joined Leafmarks at its birth in December 2013 and is still reviewing on her blog, Fiction Frenzy.

Goodreads are driving users away much to Booklikes and Leafmarks‘s delight.

*I’ve started a thread in the Goodreads Feedback group calling for clarification on image violations. Feel free to add your voices.

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