Leafmarks, Eight Months On


In the eight months since Leafmarks opened for business much has changed. Librarians, groups, and personal and community reading challenges have been added. Functions that have been repeatedly requested at Goodreads have been implemented at Leafmarks.

Things like multiple read dates for rereading, the ability to modify status updates and boolean filtering of shelves:

My Books – Advanced Filtering:
Now you can view and filter your books using multiple shelves.
We made this really good, because you can even use AND, OR or NOT logic.

Examples of filters:
-find all books “read” but not in “mystery”
-find all books in “mystery” and “young-adult”
-find all books in “vampires” or “werewolves”
-find all books in “fantasy” and “science-fiction” but are not in “vampires”

The founders are highly responsive to emails, suggestions and bug reports in their Feedback and Librarians groups, and are actively processing user requests:

We are constantly going through the backlog and picking off stuff you’ve suggested. This is truly becoming a site for the community by the community. Thank you for contributing!

They’ve also introduced achievement badges called Leaves based on how many reviews you’ve written, how many followers you have, where you fall on their top lists, and how many books you’ve read that qualify for the community reading challenges you’ve joined. You can see how the Leaves are presented on a profile by visiting mine.

The Leafmarks Times

They’ve also recently launched a unique feature, The Leafmarks Times, a book news aggregator which will be updated with the week’s news every Friday.

Among other things, popular shelves appearing on book pages and reader and book stats are coming.

None of this has changed the user-friendly and clean interface. One problem many faced when Leafmarks launched was the slowness of the server response when using the site, but I can happily say that it’s much faster – though not lightning fast – and less buggy than before. If you have trouble accessing the website from any device or browser, you can email them at info@leafmarks.com.

Leafmarks is truly becoming the Goodreads replacement.

Goodreads users now have a safe haven to move to when they become disgruntled with Goodreads’s recent reputation ruining self-inflicted catastrophes.


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