Martin Amis: “[Britain] is a successful post-racialist society,” America is not

author Martin AmisThe Independent reported author Martin Amis‘s thoughts on whether he would move from his NYC home back to Britain.

“Coming from America – and depending on the economic level of where you happen to be – the multiracial aspect [of Britain] is a great triumph, I think.”

“It is a successful post-racialist society. The racial situation in the US is as bad as it’s been since the Civil War. It’s meant to be an era of colour-blindness but the fact is the proportion of black and brown people in the US has quintupled in the last couple of decades.”

Considering current events in the States, it’s no wonder someone has come to this conclusion.

Of course, many gripe about uncontrolled immigration here in the UK, but no one dares to be openly racist except the terminally stupid British Nationalist Party and some none too bright UK Independence Party members.

Most don’t blame the immigrants themselves, rather the government that has allowed them to move in and take advantage of taxpayer-funded services that are free at the point of service, such as the NHS. The extra burden this places on these services is pushing them to breaking point. Something’s gotta give. Frustration and resentment is understandable, but there are few controversial racially motivated police shootings here.


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