Another year, another birthday

calendarAnd yet another reminder that I haven’t achieved as much as I wanted to by this age. Not even close.

Career, job, husband, children?

None of the above.

But I’m not alone. The global recession seems to have stalled many a young person on the rites of passage road to achievement.

I’ve seen far too many news articles telling stories of young people killing themselves over the lack of a job and everything else it can bring, like a home, a partner, children and pets.

I completely understand the pressure to succeed especially when we have things like Facebook that shove other people’s happy, successful lives in our faces. I understand the depression and the declining self-esteem. But I also understand the need to speak up about it so others can see that it’s not just their stifled hopes and dreams that are on hold. That they aren’t alone in their hardship and the problems they face when forced to live with their parents and suffer other people’s judgement.

It’s not our fault the economy is in tatters. We can apply for hundreds of jobs and not hear a word about any of them, it doesn’t mean we aren’t worthy potential employees. We aren’t failures. We have to remember that even if we did manage to land a job, the odds are it’d be so low paid there wouldn’t be enough to pay rent on a one-room, bug-infested apartment in the bad part of town.

It’s a waiting game. A game we can’t give up.


3 thoughts on “Another year, another birthday


    I thought I would be in a better position in my 30s, but I am renting a one bedroom apartment (sans the bugs this time) and I am squeaking by. I feel horrible for the generation below me. Times are tough, and it isn’t going to get better any time soon.

    I think the most important thing is finding happiness. I hope you truly find it during this time in your life.


    1. Thanks, Lyn. I wonder what things will be like in 10 years and whether we’ll still be oppressed by the global recession.

      I hope you can also find happiness or at least contentment.


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