TV Pilot: The Last Ship

The Last Ship

Did anyone watch The Last Ship [ IMDB | Wikipedia ]? I’ve heard nothing about it, yet it aired in June in the States. It’s based on the book of the same name.

Plot summary: A US naval warship is secretly being tested for deployment which is actually a ruse to prevent the crew from finding out about the true nature of their mission. They’re carrying two secretive Centers for Disease Control and Prevention scientists who are working on a cure for an airborne virus that had only affected a handful of African villages, but after four months at sea it’s wiped out 80% of the world’s population including the United States government. It has a 0% survival rate and is highly contagious. All governments have ceased to be and the crew of the warship are on their own.

Kinda makes you think of the Ebola crisis, doesn’t it?

And World War Z.

Michael Bay is one of the executive producers. I’ve seen a few of his movies: Armageddon, The Rock, I Am Number Four and Bad Boys, so I knew to expect plenty of action and explosions.

Adam Baldwin (Firefly / Serenity / Chuck) stars in it so that alone meant I had to check it out. (Did you know he’s 52 now?!)


Review: Having just watched the pilot, I can confidently say that it sucked. I’m surprised. Over the top patriotism and many unrealistic scenes, like the firefight between the Russian renegades and the American warship crew where the Russians hit nothing when firing their weapons while the Americans hit everyone, were jarring.

Logic-challenged writing (why weren’t the scientists checked for communication equipment if the ship was on a secret mission?) and a generic plot has left me disappointed, although I was pleased to see an ethnically diverse crew and a black lesbian in a high-ranking position.

To me, the pilot felt like it was box-ticking. Have the captain and the lead scientist butt heads – check. Have one of the crew members die of the virus – check. Kill some Russians – check. Deliver motivating Independence Day style speech to the crew – check. Attempt to save the human race against all odds – check.

None of the characters were especially intriguing though there wasn’t really time for character development when the plot had to be established, and I had no problems with the acting.

The Last Ship has been renewed for a second season which makes me wonder if the quality of the writing improves, but I doubt I’ll stick around to find out.


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