Anti-Drugs Pushers, please stop criticizing my choice to take medication

Drugs are bad! They’re toxic. They’re poisoning your body. Try acupuncture, reiki, homeopathy, herbal medicine…


That may work for you, but please stop pushing your agenda onto me like Jehovah’s Witnesses with their endless pamphlets. Medication works for me. I’m sorry drugs offend you. I’m sorry they aren’t effective for you. But please respect my decision to take medication that keeps me alive.

Please understand that your agenda may prevent someone else from taking vital medication which allows them a reasonable quality of life. Also, please provide me with empirical evidence proving those alternative treatments work better than the hundreds of medications available.

I take medication because I have to. Because the alternative is suicide. I’d rather take the pills. Ask any patient whether they’d prefer to treat and cure what ails them with tablets or to go without, in pain and discomfort, to try alternatives which show little to no evidence of their efficacy. I’m pretty sure the majority prefer the former or we wouldn’t have a pharmaceutical industry.

Yes, medications have side effects. Sometimes fatal ones. But for the majority the risk is worth the reward. And yes, some are toxic – chemotherapy, for example. Between doing a course of chemo and certain death, which would you choose? Of course, there will be those who would reject it, and that is their choice.

And to those of you who believe drugs are unnatural and prefer herbal medicine:

Aspirin comes from willow bark, morphine comes from poppies. Penicillin comes from fungi. Digoxin treats a wide range of heart conditions, and is derived from the foxglove plant.

If a natural medicine works, it is tested, isolated, the dose is standardized and the side-effects are observed. If you were to chew on a foxglove plant to treat your heart condition, you would probably die. Isolated and controlled, it’s a very effective medication.

Image via Banned by Food Babe and The Skeptics’ Guide to the Universe.

(Source: Facebook)

I’ll leave you with comedian Dara O’Briain’s views on homeopathy.


3 thoughts on “Anti-Drugs Pushers, please stop criticizing my choice to take medication

  1. Aye. Drugs rule. I hope everyone’s lucky enough to find their high. Or at least lucky enough to have drugs for valid medical reasons, whatever.


  2. Thank you for this brilliant post. When a girl I formerly worked beside found out I was on medication to treat my anxiety, she started telling me that when SHE was on it, she wanted to murder her neighbors, and how horrible it was for people to take those drugs.
    I wasn’t as clear headed back then as I was now, so I had to slink away, ashamed of myself. Now I can clearly say that I firmly stand by my rights to take medication for a MEDICAL CONDITION. I wish I had told her that she obviously didn’t need them, or she wasn’t taken the right ones for her, but if I stopped taking my meds, I certainly would end up taking my own life.

    Anti-drug people seriously make me sick.


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