Decorating: Fifty Shades of Pink

Fifty shades of pink
Pink has never been my favourite colour, even as a child. But somehow my home is slowly turning Old Rose, Rasperry Bellini, Cherry Lush and Flash Bulb Fuschia. I’ve been redecorating because I can no long stand the sight of the UK’s favourite paint colour, Magnolia. And in my quest for warm and inviting without being too dark, pink has fit that bill, over and over.

Mother's bedroom
Mother’s bedroom

The kitchen, hallway and my bedroom will definitely NOT be pink. Green, yellow and coral, respectively, I think. Coral isn’t a shade of pink, is it?

Painting has been quite relaxing. Time flies by without me noticing. Only the paint choices have been stressful. I bought dozens of testers to try and and figure out what shades we want on the walls.

I did worry about getting paint on the floor and on furniture, until I discovered most paint is water-based now, so it’s easily scrubbed out. A huge relief.

Decorating has also inspired me to move and remove pieces of furniture, and I’ve been clearing things out as part of the prep for painting. Adding colour to the walls has made a big difference to how each room feels; warmer and more home-y.

Images by color-hex and Literary Ames

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