Kickstarter: Bibliobath’s Waterproof & Tear-Resistant Books – are you interested?

Bibliobath waterproof classics

Bibliobath has designed nearly indestructible books you can safely read in the bath, on the beach or poolside.

If the €9,000 goal is made by July 15th then the first print run will consist of classic literature by four male authors:

  • William Shakespeare’s Macbeth
  • Sun Zi’s Art of War
  • Mark Twain’s Selected Short Stories
  • W.B. Yeats’s Cloths of Heaven and Other Poems

Given that paperback classics can be purchased for very little money, one wonders how much these new waterproof versions will cost. Although for schools, libraries and universities Bibliobath products might be cost effective if these editions prove to be longer lasting than the average dead tree volume.

Obviously Bibliobath publications will be handy around small children and pets, out in the rain and during a sweaty session on the exercise bike. On the other hand, there are countless photos of scuba divers using their iPads under water. Making an iPad or Kindle waterproof can be a fairly cheap process yet you’re properly covered tech won’t be as indestructible as a Bibliobath book.

There are so many questions to ask before investing. Will these supposedly weatherproof classics also be glare-proof in the bright midday sun? Do they melt in high temperatures? Or yellow with age and sun exposure? What do they feel like to touch, rough or smooth? Can you still highlight your favourite passages or will they be pen resistant, too? What happens when a page is bent, does it split? Do they smell like plastic? Are they recyclable?

Although the idea is excellent in theory, I’d rather ruin a paperback than own a Bibliobath edition. Despite efforts to the contrary, this feels like a gimmick. But I could be wrong.

What do you think? Are you interested?

Image credit: Bibliobath


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