Monthly Round-up: April, May & June 2015

Woman sneezing with tissue in meadow hayfever

Here’s what I’ve *sneeze* posted, read, reviewed and *sneeze* bought in the last three months.




Margeurite Patten's Every Day Cook Book

Marguerite Patten’s Every Day Cook Book


Murder of Crows Anne Bishop

Murder of Crows (The Others, #2)
by Anne Bishop

Why Women Need Quota Vicky Pryce

Why Women Need Quotas
by Vicky Pryce

Accidental Abduction Eve Langlais

Accidental Abduction (Alien Abduction, #1)
by Eve Langlais

Kodiak's Claim Eve Langlais

Kodiak’s Claim (Kodiak Point, #1)
by Eve Langlais

Plaid to the Bone Mia Marlowe

Plaid to the Bone (Spirit of the Highlands, #0.5)
by Mia Marlowe

Through the Woods Emily Carroll

Through the Woods
by Emily Carroll (graphic novel)


Out of Skin
by Emily Carroll (graphic novel short)


When the Darkness Presses
by Emily Carroll (graphic novel short)


Virgin Radhika Sanghani

by Radhika Sanghani

Blood Destiny Helen Harper

Blood Destiny series by Helen Harper:

Blood Politics


Doctors Dissected Jane Haynes Martin ScurrDoctors Dissected
by Jane Haynes & Martin Scurr


Fat Chance Robert H. LustigFat Chance: The bitter truth about sugar
by Robert H. Lustig

Staying Alive Phil Hammond

Staying Alive: How to Get the Best Out of the NHS – advice from a doctor
by Dr Phil Hammond

Get It Together Zoe Williams

Get It Together: We Deserve More than the Politics We’re Given
by Zoe Williams


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3 thoughts on “Monthly Round-up: April, May & June 2015

  1. That is a *lot* of reading. In the past 3 months I’ve bought 3 books, reviewed 2, read about 8 …. actually apart from the buying, I’m right up there with you.


    1. Unfortunately it’s very little reading for me. I’m definitely not going to make my 100-book goal this year. But it’s quality that matters, rather than quantity. I should probably stop buying so much if I’m not reading them. I have piles of the unread building up, digitally and physically.


    2. Yes, focus on quality. I try not to buy them because you end up with piles and nowhere to put them, but when a favourite author puts out something new, I can’t resist. I’ve yet to make the transition to digital.


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