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Through the Woods by Emily Carroll

Through the Woods by Emily Carroll Rating: 4 stars

Of all of the gothic horror graphic novel fairy tales in this collection, Carroll’s unnerving take on Bluebeard A Lady’s Hands Are Cold blew me away. It’s the most complete and satisfying of the bunch. Gorgeous, vivid illustrations and lyrical yet elegantly simple prose. And the goriest story of them all while the others thrive mostly on what you cannot see.

There was a girl
& there was a man
And there was the girl’s father
who said, “you will marry this man.”

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We Need to Talk About Periods #MenstruationMatters


When we’re young, we always want to be older. If we’re five, we say we’re nearly six. If there are adult clothes around, we will dress in them. Makeup, that goes all over the face. But when our friends start getting their periods, we want to start ours too. We want to be part of the club. We want to feel like adults.

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