The Innovative Admin by Julie Perrine

The Innovative Admin Julie PerrineRating: 3 stars

Stuck in a rut? If your personal or professional life isn’t everything you want it to be, then read The Innovative Admin. The fact that Perrine’s book is aimed at secretaries and administrators doesn’t matter. Her advice is applicable to everyone, even if you’re unemployed. Ways to increase your productivity are included as well as a list of suggested websites and recommended reading is given for further inspiration to fuel your creativity, change your mindset and identify your strengths and weaknesses. A FREE action plan from the accompanying website¬†summarizes the activities you can do to improve your life.

Personally, much of the advice given was already being implemented. I’m currently in the midst of decluttering and redecorating my home, taking MOOCs (free online university courses), read the news online, blog and read for pleasure. I love learning new things.

Audience-wise, I believe the people who would benefit the most from The Innovative Admin are new adults, so teenagers to early twenties, older generations who may have fewer modern skills especially those involving technology, and anyone who has realized they need help to restructure their lives for the better.

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