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A Tale of Jerusalem by Edgar Allan Poe

A Tale of Jerusalem Edgar Allan PoeRating: 

Like with Le Duc de L’Omelette, I needed a translation, and not from French this time. Once again the Examiner saved my bacon.

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Le Duc de L’Omelette by Edgar Allan Poe

Le Duc de L'Omlette Edgar Allan PoeRating: 

Do you read French? No? Google Translate to the rescue! But even then this short story is confusing. I read it twice in hardcopy format and online. To fully understand what happens I had to resort to Google where I found the clearest explanation from the Examiner.

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Metzengerstein by Edgar Allan Poe


Hatfields & McCoys meets Sleepy Hollow (Tim Burton’s movie, not the awful book or TV show).

Metzengerstein is Poe’s first published short story, and it was not good. Seven pages of confusing, and almost nonsensical, Hatfields and McCoys tale of two feuding families.

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Review: Ligeia by Edgar Allan Poe


The madness of grief personified.

Passionately in love with Ligeia, his wife, until she dies and he becomes obsessed with every detail of her memory. Later marrying Lady Rowena because he secretly likes that she ‘shunned’ him at every turn and that she’s Ligeia’s opposite in every way, but despite this he hates her because she’s not the one he loved most.

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