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Best of 2014: Fiction

Here are my top 15 fiction reads covering myths, fairy tales, contemporary, short stories, sci-fi & fantasy, and romance.

Mythology, Fairy Tales & Folktales

The Golden Ass: Or Metamorphoses by Lucius Apuleius
Those Ancient Romans knew how to tell a story! Bestiality, homosexual priest gangbangs, female paedophiles, incest, and so much more. {My Review}

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Alabama Blues by Margaret Sisu

Alabama Blues

In my quest to read something by a present day Barbadian author, I came across this free read by Margaret Sisu. Few can write a decent short story with a satisfying ending. Sisu delivered the goods, providing a commentary on 1950s African American life and the hypocrisy of clergymen – the evil done by supposedly ‘good’ men. I’m pleased to say that there’s none of that white-man-hates-on-black-man trope here. (Huh. I think the only other majority black cast fiction I’ve read without this trope is Alice Walker’s The Color Purple.)

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