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Authors: Business vs Personhood?

Robert Galbraith J.K.RowlingDuring the past four years there’s been a radical shift in how authors are perceived. Social media and self-publishing are the main reasons for this change. The ease with which one can become an author and communicate with fans and critics alike has led to both positive and negative effects on the reputations of authors.

What many point out is the fact that as soon as you make something available for sale, you’re a business. Businesses succeed and fail based on the quality of their customer service. A small but growing proportion of authors fail to understand this fact despite repeated explanations.

Seeing and hearing this same conversation countless times may mean we’ve begun to see authors as ONLY businesses while dismissing them as people.

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Intersectional Prejudice in Publishing

intersectionality by All Booked Up

Years ago, I was chatting with my mother’s best friend. Tired of being a working class black woman in the middle class white male profession of solicitor (read: lawyer), she uttered, “What could be worse?”

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