Who Am I?

Known as Ames, I’m a British mixed race female in her 20s, reading her way through life, just as Elizabeth Brown does in The Library. I’m also a carer for my mother who has both physical and mental health problems. You can learn more about me in my introductory post.


Strong female characters, and ethnic and cultural diversity are my turn-ons. Love triangles, insta-love, and too stupid to live characters are my turn-offs. I can be pretty harsh in my criticisms, so beware. As a bibliophile, I believe books are sacred. Libricide is the highest crime, exceptions apply.

Specific genres and my favourite books and authors I read are detailed here. My review policy and rating system.

And you can read more about my reading history in the three-part series What Reading Means to Me.

What’s This Blog About?

Books, feminism and life.

Opened on 1st October 2013.

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