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WATCH banned rape documentary India’s Daughter for a LIMITED TIME ONLY #JyotiSingh #IndiasDaughter

Rape documentary India’s Daughter was BANNED in India. It’s UK airing was brought forward to tonight and is now available on iPlayer. It will probably only be on YouTube for a limited time before the Indian government or the BBC have it removed. It focuses on the gang rape and gruesome murder of Jyoti Singh on a bus in December 2012.

I highly recommend you watch it while you can. Please share.

Goodreads Deleting Short Story Book Pages & Reviews

Strange HorizonsGoodreads are deleting books along with reviews of short stories that appear on magazine websites or in anthologies.[screenshot 1] [screenshot 2]

For some reason this doesn’t affect stories published on authors’ websites or Tor.com shorts, but at least two of my reviews have been deleted, for the 2014 Hugo Award winning Selkie Stories Are for Losers by Sofia Samatar published by Strange Horizons and Hugo nominated If you were a dinosaur, my love by Rachel Swirsky published by Apex Magazine, although it’s also available as an audio download. I actually received these stories in multiple formats as part of my LonCon3 Hugo Voter Pack.

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Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury

Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury

My read for Banned Books Week was certainly apropos. Fahrenheit 451 shows you the results of a book banning society. A scary, ignorant and shallow world where brutality and casual violence are everyday events done in the name of entertainment; a regressive and disabling move in social evolution, handicapping progression by limiting knowledge and encouraging selfishness.

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Review: OFF-TOPIC: The Story of an Internet Revolt by G.R. Reader

OFF-TOPIC: The Story of an Internet RevoltRating:

Disclaimer: I witnessed the production of this book from the sidelines.

*Currently available from Lulu as a non-profit ebook or freely and legally download it HERE from my Dropbox account.

This is a small collection of essays and reviews, some of which were deleted by Goodreads, on GR’s censorship policy imposed on September 20th, 2013.

None of my articles, posted on my blog, were included as there were some legal issues over my screenshots, opinions and accusations e.g. calling them a ‘badly behaving social network’.

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Kobo Refutes Alleged Censorship and Clarifies Their Stance

A couple of weeks ago I wrote Is Censorship Contagious? commenting on the removal of the thousands of self-published titles from sale at Kobo (along with several other major retailers) with little notice given to their authors. Well, it now appears Kobo’s Chief Content Officer Michael Tamblyn has elaborated on the situation by emailing the following statement to those affected:

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Is Censorship Contagious?

As Goodreads were deleting shelves and reviews, as I mentioned earlier this month, Amazon removed hundreds of erotica titles from sale under these guidelines.

Now Barnes & Noble, Kobo and the UK’s WH Smith are pulling erotica featuring rape, incest and bestiality.

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