It’s World Mental Health Day! #WMHD

world mental health day

This year’s theme is ‘Living with Schizophrenia’.

In a taxi the other day, I heard on the radio a DJ suggesting that cancer treatment be prioritized over mental health services. That was a jaw-dropper. Mental illness can be just as deadly as cancer. ‘People with severe mental illness die 10-25 years earlier than the general population.’

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Leafmarks adds features much wanted by Goodreads users – filter out images, high-level blocking, and more

LeafmarksAccording to their latest newsletter, Leafmarks has implemented useful features desired by Goodreads members at almost the same time Goodreads has added an unwanted and derided feature that spams recommends books to you in the Updates feed on the home page, while many sought after ones – as well as a long list of bug fixes and defunct features – have seemingly been ignored in Amazon’s pursuit of profit.

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Monthly Round-Up: September 2014

Back to school

Autumn is here, although it’s suspiciously warm in the UK right now. October is also Black History Month for us Brits.

Here’s what I posted in September:





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Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury

Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury
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My read for Banned Books Week was certainly apropos. Fahrenheit 451 shows you the results of a book banning society. A scary, ignorant and shallow world where brutality and casual violence are everyday events done in the name of entertainment; a regressive and disabling move in social evolution, handicapping progression by limiting knowledge and encouraging selfishness.

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